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PeriphaGen is a biopharmaceutical company focused on peripheral nerve gene therapy and committed to the development of innovative products for difficult-to-treat neurological disorders.

A therapeutic approach capable of efficiently targeting nerves would revolutionize the treatment of neuropathy and other neurological disorders


Periphagen has developed its NET platform based on  replication-defective Herpes Simplex Virus type 1. Using this gene delivery vector it is possible to specifically target neurons and treat neurological diseases with more potent molecules without the side effects of current treatments.


Following a simple intradermal skin injection the NET drug candidate is taken up by resident nerve endings (1), transported to the dorsal root ganglion where it transduces neurons with high efficiency (2), and directs therapeutic protein expression and release directly into the spinal cord (3).


PeriphaGen's NET platform can express a variety of gene-based products that can be used for therapeutic effect. Due to the large size of PeriphaGen's NET vector, several types of transgenes can be expressed either alone or in combination from a single expression cassette. These including: peptide neurotransmitters, trophic factors, channels, receptors, immune modulators, second messengers, and siRNAs.


Over 100 publications from PeriphaGen team members and collaborators have documented the use of NET-type vectors for the treatment of various disorders. Selected references pertaining to particular fields of interest are listed in the attached document.

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